As the world changes around us at a breakneck pace, the only way to win is to blaze new trails into a once unforeseen future. From 6 – 8 March 2024, join us as we learn how to create a new future strategy and the execution plans to stay ahead of competitors at Taipan 2024: Trailblazing into the Future. Sign up today and get your business up to speed!


Top Reasons Why
Business Leaders Choose Taipan

Who Is It For?

The masterclass is ideally suited for a range of professionals, particularly those in leadership or strategic roles. Here’s a list of those who would benefit greatly from attending:

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: To understand future market trends and how to adapt their business models accordingly.

CEOs and Top Executives: To gain strategic insights, learn about future trends, and develop new business strategies.

Senior Managers and Team Leaders: To enhance their leadership skills, learn effective goal- setting, and foster a growth mindset within their teams.

Consultants and Advisors: To provide more comprehensive and future-focused advice to their clients.

HR Professionals and Organizational Development Specialists: To understand how to cultivate a culture of grit and resilience in the workplace.

Marketing and Sales Leaders: To gain insights into future customer trends and develop forward-thinking marketing strategies.

Product Managers and Innovators: To anticipate future trends in product development and innovation.

Strategy and Planning Professionals: For a deeper understanding of how to incorporate future trends into long-term planning.

Students: Building foundational skills in strategic thinking, resilience, and future trend analysis.

Anyone Interested in Personal and Professional Development: Particularly those interested in enhancing their resilience, strategic thinking, and goal-setting skills.


Overall, the masterclass is valuable for anyone looking to stay ahead in a rapidly changing business environment, enhance their strategic planning and leadership skills, and foster a more resilient and forward-thinking organizational culture.

What Will They Learn?

Future-Ready Strategy Development: The masterclass equips leaders with the ability to identify and leverage 20 future trends, enabling them to position their companies advantageously for upcoming changes and opportunities.

Enhanced Trend Analysis Skills: By learning to spot trends independently, executives can better anticipate market shifts, innovate, and stay ahead of competitors, crucial for maintaining a leading position in their industry.

In-Depth Business Insights: Gaining a new understanding of their business and customers from a future perspective allows leaders to make more informed decisions and tailor strategies that are more aligned with future market demands.

Practical Application of New Strategies: The masterclass not only provides theoretical knowledge but also focuses on the practical application of new business strategies, ensuring that leaders can implement what they learn immediately.

Adopting a Future-Focused Mindset: The ‘Future Sense’ mindset is essential for leaders to navigate through rapidly changing business landscapes, helping them to be more adaptive and forward-thinking.

Building Resilience and Success: Understanding and applying the concept of grit both personally and professionally empowers leaders to foster resilience, drive success, and lead with a positive impact.

Cultivating a Growth Culture: Learning to establish accountability and a culture of positive energizers can greatly enhance team performance and overall organizational morale.

Effective Goal Setting and Risk Management: Knowledge about goal-setting theories and the differentiation between learning and performance goals aids in setting more effective and realistic objectives, avoiding disastrous outcomes as illustrated by real-life case studies.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Overambition: Understanding the risks associated with overusing grit, like ‘stupid grit’, helps leaders in balancing ambition with practicality, ensuring sustainable progress without overextending resources or personnel.

Hands-On Experience with Real-Life Scenarios: The opportunity to practice goal-setting with actual job descriptions provides a practical, hands-on experience that can be directly applied to their respective organizations.


In summary, this masterclass offers a comprehensive toolkit for leaders to enhance their foresight, strategic planning, resilience, and goal-setting capabilities, which are critical for steering their companies successfully in an ever-evolving business landscape.

What will you gain?

Learn from highly sought-after leaders and renown trainers
Network with high-calibre leaders and entrepreneurs
Enjoy a transformative experience with your executive team


Anne Skare Nielsen & Henrik Good Hovgaard

Henrik is one of the best future workshop facilitators in the world. He has been working as a futurist and running workshops on the future since 2005. He has managed to get hundreds of companies and organizations to see the future that could be theirs. Not just as passive tourists – but as active futurists.

Anne is one of Scandinavia’s – in fact, the world’s leading futurists. With her great interest and knowledge in radical change and transformation of thinking, she is in high demand as a lecturer and provocateur all over the world.

Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP

Caroline, a Harvard graduate with a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, is a leading expert on the science of successful goal setting and its connection to happiness and the use of ‘good grit’ to achieve challenging goals. She has authored seven best-selling books, including Creating Your Best Life, My Name is Caroline, and Getting Grit, all translated into multiple languages. A sought-after speaker on goals, grit, flourishing, and women’s leadership, Caroline has taught in Wharton Business School’s Executive Education program and has been featured in global media outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, BBC, NPR, and CNN.


Agenda of Taipan

Day 1

Wed / 6th March 2024
4:00 PM

Registration Open @ Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel & Convention Center


4:30 PM

Welcome Reception & Opening Speech By Taipan Chair, Mr Gwei Tze Co


5.00 PM

Keynote Speech by Anne Skare Nielsen & Henrik Good Hovgaard

“Move! Or the future will catch you”


6.00 PM

Keynote Speech by Caroline Miller

“Bridging Grit, Resilience, and Happiness,”


8.00 PM

Dinner & Networking


10.00 PM

End of Day 1

Day 2

Thurs / 7th March 2024
8:00 AM

Registration and Breakfast


9.00 AM

Welcome and introduction by Anne Skare Nielsen & Henrik Good Hovgaard


9.30 AM

Part 1 of Futurist Masterclass: Embracing the Futurist Mindset


10.30 AM

Journal Assignment: Embedding Futurist Thinking


11.15 AM

Part 2 of Futurist Masterclass: Mastering Trendspotting


12.00 PM

Lunch and networking


01.30 PM

Trendcard Workshop (Part 2): Deepening Trend Analysis


02.15 PM

Part 3 of Futurist Masterclass: Crafting Your Future


03:15 PM

Afternoon Break


03.45 PM

Continued “Design Your Future” Session


05.15 PM

Shared Feedback Session and Conclusion


6.00 PM

Q&A Session


6.30 PM

End of Day 2

Day 3

Fri / 8th March 2024
8:00 AM

Registration and Breakfast


9.00 AM

Welcome and introduction by Caroline Miller


9.30 AM

Introduction to Goal-Setting Theory and BRIDGE Methodology


11.30 AM

Coffee Break


12.00 PM

Deep Dive into BRIDGE: Brainstorming and Relationships


01.00 PM

Lunch and networking


02.00 PM

BRIDGE Continued: Investments and Decision-Making


03:00 PM

Afternoon Break


03:30 PM

BRIDGE Completion: Good Grit and Elite Outcomes

Examining ‘Good Grit’ and ‘Elite Outcomes’


04:30 PM

Implementing BRIDGE in Organizational Context


05:00 PM

Conclusion and Next Steps


6.00 PM



6.30 PM Till Late

Dinner & Networking

Taipan Masterclass 2024 Official Venue


Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel & Convention Centre
Corner Of Jalan Sultan Ismail, &, Jln Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

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